Quartzite industry 2017

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2017 is close to the end, this year to the overall artificial quartz stone industry is doomed to be an extraordinary year. As far as the price is concerned, it is a severe test for the artificial quartz stone market. All enterprises related to quartz stone are concerned about the price of quartz stone. Is to maintain the original price does not move with the raw material or sheet product prices, the manufacturer is a quartz stone. What is the cause of it? Next look at the price rises of quartz stone material is more "Crazy"!

Quartz sands are made of quartz sand, resin, titanium white powder, curing agent and coupling agent, and the main materials are quartz sand and resin. The market price of raw materials has also been "Crazy" soaring! The price of raw materials can be described more with the "Crazy" word this year!
At present, the stock of grade a quartz sand is less and less, and the production of B grade sand is also affected by the effect of environmental factors. At present, the market price of a grade quartz sand is 2000 yuan per ton, and the B grade sand has reached 1600 yuan, and the average rise of 30% for each ton this year. The price of the resin increased from 8100 yuan per ton to 12500 yuan per ton, up 4400 yuan per ton. The reason for the rising price of the resin is also the rise in the raw material. The price of phthalic two - methanhydride is soaring, and the supply is limited. There has been a situation in which some businesses can't afford to buy raw materials.
At the beginning of this year, the state put forward new regulations on safe transportation, and the inspection of transport overloading was strict, which led to the rising cost of transport units. This year, environmental protection has also entered the most stringent inspection. There are three measures to be taken: no time, no greeting, no listening to report, three straight (straight to the scene, direct supervision, direct exposure) and other measures. Where the price of quartzite is going to go, the quartzite manufacturers are facing the test of cost rise. This year broke the situation of cost reduction in the past year, and faced with the rising tide of price. 2018 pairs of quartzite manufacturers and quartzite sales dealers were a great test.

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