Quartz is speeding up to occupy natural stone. Are you ready?

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The application of stone material is more extensive in family decoration, indoor decoration use stone material, can give person a kind of harmonious, elegant, dignified, noble, luxurious beautiful feeling. the nation is more and more strict for the extraction and control of natural stone material, and people's misunderstanding to natural stone material (part of the natural stone radioactive), so the natural stone has been more and more applied in outdoor decoration. With the emergence of artificial stone products, is better to make up for the deficiency of the interior decoration stone, but artificial stone hardness is low, easy to be scratched,people find better substitute, the emergence of quartz can display the beauty of decorative stone.

Quartz is the perfect combination of natural beauty and high-tech, quartz not only inherited the beautiful decorative pattern of the natural stone, but also is better than that of natural stone, such as strong degree, temperature resistance, and low water absorption, no bleeding, etc., and 100% of environmental protection, non-toxic, no radiation. More controllable thickness and specification, richer color and pattern, also made quartz stone become absolute substitute of natural stone.

Quartz plate is dense and non-porous after vacuum casting forming, after multiple polishing process, to join the high quality compound agent and pit ageing agent, produce low water absorption, prevent penetration, stain resistance, zero - formaldehyde, reusable, really belongs to the green environmental protection decoration material. With quartz factory production technology and processing technology in our country is more complete, and popularity of quartz cultural has risen,consumer increase recognition of quartz, quartz is applied to wall, ground also became reality. At present, quartzite has been applied to the luxury decorative, such as hotel, hotel, bank, villa, etc., such as counter tops, windowsills, vanity, wall and ground.

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