Quartz business is about to usher in a "fighting brand" era

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With the rapid development of China's economy, people's living standards continue to improve, the pursuit of quality of life is deepening。Stone decorative applications in our country has always been a long time, as people growing awareness of environmental protection, artificial stone products occupied the market decorative stone quickly。Quartz stone started late in China , but our quartz stone market has experienced from scratch, from weak to strong history of metamorphosis,the accumulation of a huge potential for development and faced with fierce competition 。 With quartz stone industry constantly evolving, increasingly regulated industry standards, technical level and gradually improve, increasing product variety, but the attendant is intense competition in the industry, and the emergence of vicious competition, a low quartz stone Prices quickly capture the market situation。Due to the number of quartz stone industry as a whole small workshop-style production companies, small manufacturers of product quality is relatively worse, some large enterprises face, especially the high-end market brands, the quality of products manufactured in strict accordance with industry standards。Now with China's environmental protection "storm", China's quartz stone market is about to usher in the industry reshuffle, brand competition era is coming. The face of this industry reshuffle, the domestic brand quartz stone manufacturers stand out, the price of quartz stone is not the "war" focus.

China's quartz stone market, the fierce competition between the brand, showing the vitality of China's quartz market on the vibrant, prosperous spirit of the face; reflects China's quartz stone market a strong productivity and vitality; to promote China's quartz stone market competition Development of China's quartz stone market to promote the healthy and orderly and harmonious development。It will be true to the quality of survival for the quartz stone market, innovation and development of the times。In the near future our country quartz stone companies regardless of R & D or production capacity will soon become the world quartz stone industry leader!

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