Why the quartz stone cracking rate increased significantly

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With the people's decoration aesthetic improving, the stone is widely used in home decoration. The state controls the natural stone mining more and more strict,people pay attention to the environment,artificial stone is very good to make up for this phenomenon.Because the artificial stone texture is too strong, can not achieve the effect of natural stone,while most people are constantly seeking the perfect technology more and more developed, resulting in the emergence of a quartz stone market in line with people's needs.

Quartz is made of more than 93% quartz and 7% binder through high pressure and high vibration,the density of solid surface is up to 2.6g/cm³,the water absorption is 0.02%, the hardness is Mohs 6, surface is smooth, is the best decoration stone. Quartz stone is a natural beauty and high-tech combination of new decorative materials,belongs to artificial stone.How is quartz stone in the end? Why is there so much cracking?

Because quartz is a brittle polymer composite with thermal expansion and contraction characteristics,there is some shrinkage stress, ductile impact properties, elongation at break,when the material can not withstand the thermal expansion and contraction of the internal stress and severe external impact,then there will be cracked.Winter is a quartz stone cracking in the high season, the temperature difference is the common reason. How to reduce the cracking rate, first of all, to select the brand products,solid surface will be a certain quality assurance, second, to select rounded opening not right angle opening,the table tops should keep the cupboards at the same level,and reserved expansion joints (3-5mm best), should be avoid to cut,chop on the surface directly  etc.

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