Don't be greedy for bargains, there are so much attentions to choose quartz ston

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Now quartz stone is the most choose for cabinet countertop on the market, but on chaotic cabinet material market, how to choose the real quartz stone countertops? Countertop materials mixed with synthetic engineered stone and artificial stone, they are difference between quartz stone, whether it is hardness or production process can not be better to prevent cracks and penetration, then how to choose the real quartz stone?

Quartz stone prices will not be too low, because the real quartz stone manufacturers requirements are relatively high on the production of raw materials procurement and production equipment. price less than 300 yuan a meter is likely to be artificial engineered stone, because they look not much difference in appearance, so there are some unscrupulous businesses use of engineered stone posing as quartz stone, from which to obtain high profits. But hardness and penetration of engineered stone compared to quartz stone are inadequate, and cannot up to the national interior green environmental standards.

Main component of quartz stone countertop is silica, quartz stone slab is composed of quartz crystal and resin synthesis, quartz content is 93% or more, so this material of the countertop on the possibility of fracture is relatively small, and very wear-resistant. The counterfeit quartz stone resin content is high, the surface hardness is low, it is easy to be scratched, and easy to bleeding. In fact, there are many ways to test quartz stone, the simplest is to scratch the hardness of slab, you can use sharp iron in the quartz stone surface scratches (do not back and forth friction), it is substandard slab if appears white scratch.

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