Cheap quartz stone is going to be out of the market, is it true or false?

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    We are familiar with quartz stone solid surface, quartz stone was introduced in our decoration market in 1996. Quartz stone is colorful,surface is smooth,high hardness,low water absorption acid and alkali resistance, these advantages win over artificial stone and natural stone. Quartz stone price is high in early time, is used in higher requirement cabinet countertop.China's quartz stone production reached the world's leading level, production capacity is also ranked the forefront of the world with the production capacity and production technology continues to improve after 20 years development. Quartz stone is not countertops exclusive material any more,it has been used in hotels, public places floor and front now , occupying the entire decoration market rapidly.

There are some problems in high speed development of quartz stone in china, such as quality uneven,price confusion,even counterfeit products. Some illegal businessmen use the worse quality material or Simple production equipment to produce for max profits, then occupied the market with low price,even under the banner of imports to seek high profits, leads to user rights can not be guaranteed.

As the national attention on brand building and environmental protection has been strengthenedsome quartz stone factories are closed down which does not obtain permission and environmental non-compliance in this environmental protection storm.For quartz chain upstream quartz sand, resin, curing agent, coupling agent and downstream quartz products processing enterprises not obtained EIA also be shut down.It’s a good news for quartz stone industry, because it can optimize the healthy development of quartz stone industry with this environmental protection storm.Some companies will continue to optimize through the rectification of production,but these enterprises will increase the cost of production, raw material procurement costs will increase through the rectification, so it does not have cheap rock in the future and will disappear in the market soon.

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