How to choose quartz stone countertops and countertop’s instructions

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Quartz stone is more common in many of the countertop materials, and because it has a lot of characteristics, so especially by the people's favorite, China's quartz stone manufacturers are more, brand is more complex, the price of quartz stone is different, so people will feel hard to choose, how to choose quartz stone countertops, everyone should to learn, so as to be able to make the right choice. At the same time on the quartz stone countertop cleaning method must also be mastered.

How to choose quartz stone countertops?

1,Hardness, in general, as long as consult manufacturers to know whether it is suitable for the table, and if too brittle,it is not recommended to do the countertop. Look at the texture, the majority of use of single color to make the countertop, simple pattern as well, if too fancy,it is easy to let the viewer dazzled, lost primary and secondary points.

2,Odour, if it is man-made, mostly use of resin, need to pay attention to the smell, no irritation as well. After sale service, quartz stone also has after-sale service after the purchasing and installation, remember to consult the maintenance to manufacturers.

Quartz stone countertop cleaning method?

1,Scrub with detergent. can be used car wax or furniture wax applied to the surface after scrubbing, scrub over and over again after dry, this will add a layer of protective film to the countertop. We should need to pay attention to is the place where the joint are stained, it is recommended to scrub in time, and here to focus on waxing, where the waxing rate can be high.

2,Do not put high-temperature objects directly on the quartz stone countertops, which may bring damage to the quartz stone surface. And do not force the table or directly cut the on the countertop, this will damage the table.

3,Surface to be keep dry. Water contains a lot of bleach and scale,if stay too long, will make the countertop color lighter, affecting the appearance. If this happens, spray Bilizhu or cleaning solution wipe to the light.

4,To prevent strong chemicals contact with the surface. Quartz stone countertop has a long-term anti-damage ability, but still need to avoid contact with the strong chemicals, such as paint agents, metal cleaning agents, stove cleaning agent. Do not touch methylene chloride, acetone, strong acid cleaning agent, if inadvertently contact with the above items, immediately rinse with a lot of soapy water surface.

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