How to restore the brightness when quartz stone splicing be whiting

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Quartz stone of green building decorative stone with a smooth surface, dense non-porous, rich colors become the most popular decorative stone. Quartz stone not only has the plasticity of artificial stone but also has the hardness of natural stone, itself has wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature, anti-penetration and many other advantages, quartz stone has become the first choice for cabinet countertops at present, has also been gradually applied to the entire decoration field.

We all know that the quartz stone manufacturers produced are standard size slabs, so because of  various factors, it is hard to avoid two pieces of stitching the application, after joining together, in order to make the whole seemingly seamless, many processing masters will polishing. But the splicing of the joints will appear whitening after grinding, the deeper the color of the slab the more serious whitening after polishing. Quartz stone surface is more than thirty 2000 head water grinding head by high pressure, high speed grinding, is the general hand tools can not reached. The appearance of the whitening phenomenon caused by the grinding of the angle grinder is because the base of the quartz stone slab is white, gloss and color of the slab surface were broken during the grinding process, revealing the white matrix, this is why the deeper the color of slabs, the more obvious whitening.

Once the loss of the original gloss of slab, the use of handheld equipment is difficult to restore the original luster, let’s have a look at how others are restored as following: 1, can be waxed and the use of varnish, but these two methods are not the long-term solution, only temporary relief. 2, use of light agent or resin to repair, with this method to repair, can be stay for a long time, but it can not be eradicated. In order to fundamentally solve the phenomenon of whitening at the junction, should look for professionals, in the process of slab installation to avoid the second grinding and polishing, in the installation of the joints of the joints should be carefully handled, so up to joint seamless. If whitening is much seriously, we can find professional stone renovation personnel to overall polish and wax.

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