Attentions to processing and installation of quartz stone countertops

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We are not unfamiliar with quartz stone, it is the best choice for cabinet countertops. Compared to other stone, processing and installation technology of quartz stone is relatively high, if the quartz stone installed not properly, not only will affect the appearance of the counter countertops, but also impact on the overall quality and useful life of the cabinet. What matters we should pay attention to quartz stone countertops when processing and installation? Here we learn the next.

Matters we should pay attention to quartz stone in the design and processing:

1, Quartz stone generally adopt splicing installation method, when choosing position to splicing, we should try to avoid the corner and the stove hole, this is because the quartz stone with thermal expansion and contraction characteristics, if close to the fire or corner, it may cracking.

2, In the design of the table corner, we should be fully considered the stress concentration, avoid to result corner cracking, so all corners to should be maintain more than a radius of 2.5 cm of the arc angle;

3, In the design of the stove hole, the countertop opening position from the countertop edge should be more than or equal to 8 cm, to prevent the position of hole cracking, when opening the stove hole, opening with a cutting machine or curve saw first, after then using gong machine or hand mill grinding and trimming, to achieve smooth results, four round solitary radius is basically uniform, because of the curve saw, cutting machine openings, holes on four sides of the serrated or cracked residue, it is easy to cause cracking.

4, the opening angle should be kept radius of 2.5 cm above the fillet, four corners must be homogeneous plate to do reinforcement treatment, stove and countertop have a certain space between the space distance of 0.4-0.6 cm, around the hole use heat insulation cloth and tin platinum paper for thermal protection measures.

5, In the design of countertop should take into account the stairs, elevators, doors and other transport channels on the countertop size restrictions, splicing should be consistent with the previously mentioned requirements.

Attentions to installation of quartz stone countertops:

1, Check the flatness before the installation of the countertop, check the quartz stone countertop size are fully matched with cabinets. If the error occurs, we need to re-processing of quartz stone countertops, or trim the cabinet.

2, in the measurement cabinet deep size, countertop need to set aside a 4cm size, in order to facilitate the installation of the front splash.

3, When stitching some long countertop (such as L-type countertop), in order to ensure the smoothness of the stitching countertop and the tightness, it is recommended to use a strong clamp (A clamp, F clamp) on the quartz stone slab fixed. In addition, when the sticking front splash, should using a strong clamp to ensure that the stitching perfect combined.

4, quartz stone countertops and the wall should be left between a certain distance (usually 3mm to 5mm), after the installation is complete, the gap between countertop and wall evenly print with glass glue.

5, Due to the higher hardness of quartz stone countertops, the density is greater, so the processing technology requires a higher. Therefore, the installation of quartz stone countertops, should contact the professional installation of quartz stone master, and the use of professional tools for installation, must not be blindly installed, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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