Why does quartz stone occupied decorative stone market in the short term

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Now, the stone application is more and more widely in home decoration,the state controls the natural stone mining more and more strictly,as well as people misunderstand that natural stone is a certain hurt to health,so the natural stone is used to outdoor decoration.With the advent of artificial stone products, better make up for the lack of indoor stone,but the hardness of artificial stone is low,it is easy to be scratched,people look for better substitutes,quartz stone can show the beauty of stone decoration.

Quartz is made from 93% quartz crystal with 7% resin and other bindersit belongs to artificial stone.Because there is more than 93% quartz crystal, so it is named quartz.Quartz stone color are colorful,surface is smooth. Sheet is formed under high pressure and high vacuum state transducer,density is up to 2.6g / m³,hardness is more than Mohs6,the water absorb is only 0.02%,the material is controlled strictly,the sheet is non-toxic non-radiation zero formaldehyde.

Quartz stone is with artificial stone plasticity and rich colors, also has natural stone hardness,it is corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-penetration ,quartz stone is better to make up for the lack of decorative market stone.Because the initial price of quartz stone is higher than other stone,it is not used in decoration widely.With  China's quartz stone production technology and ability improving, the price is cheaper and cheaper.With the decorative designers are favored to quartz stone , the current quartz stone has been widely used in hotels, guesthouses, public places, villas on the ground, walls, windowsill and countertops, etc.it will become the leader in  decoration materials in the near future.

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