Easy cracking position and cause of quartz Shitai surface

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The most important part of the kitchen decoration is the selection of the cabinet table. The quality of the cabinet table will directly affect the service life of the whole kitchen facilities. There must be some requirements for the environmental protection of the cabinet. The cabinet counter is directly related to our food. If the table contains toxic substances, it will pose a threat to our health.

At present, the common table surface materials in the market are artificial stone, natural stone, quartzite, ultra-thin rock plate and stainless steel. The highest use rate is the quartz stone table. Quartz belongs to type casting artificial stone products, quartz stone factory is by molding, abrasion, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, anti permeability, no radiation and so many advantages, but because the Mohs hardness up to quartz hardness of 7, so it is not easy to process, the possibility of crack or crack appears easily in use.
Table 1, seam cracking installation workers in the seam, the seam is not aligned, the glue does not spread evenly or add curing or promote excessive economic economic joint brittle in the process of using minor impact cracking in glue;
2, the corner cracking: too near the wall without shrinkage joint and two cabinet between the rugged pad, or not subject to external shocks or changes in temperature table uneven shrinkage and cracking;
3, on the stage of the basin surrounding cracking: Taiwan Basin and basin hole without leaving gaps, holes are not polished Han Feng attack basin Ji Fu Feng Wei preserved both smooth and confused by the external shock or temperature change table uneven shrinkage and cracking;

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