Currently the market has entered a clear quartz stone out of stock

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since entering in September, as the green decorative stone- quartz demand is also growing, even once out of stock.Quartz is one of our common cabinet table material,with the continuous improvement of quartz stone production capacity and production technology of China's manufacturers,quartz stone is favored by many decoration designer.It has been used in more floors, walls, modeling manufacturing, packaging, and other fields now.

Why the quartz stone gets the favor of many decorative families quickly? Because the quartz stone belongs to artificial stone, the material is a natural quartz with high-pressure casting by high vacuum transducer.There are no harmful gas and radiation source in the material, the hardness is Mohs 7, density is up to 2.6g/cm³,water absorption is 0.02%,nearly zero.Quartz stone are wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-penetration, non-toxic and non-radiation, and other advantages.

Why the quartz stone supply tightly current? With the international paying more and more attention to environmental protection,China's environmental pollution control with "heavy" remediation. Control the phenomenon of "three wastes"strictly,in this investigation of the environmental protection, some small unlicensed manufacturers are closed,it leads to a serious shortage in low price quartz stone market.Quartz stone is made of quartz sand, resin, titanium dioxide, curing agent, coupling agent, natural pigment,quartz sand belongs to mineral resources,resins, curing agents and coupling agents are chemical raw materials,so the quartz stone raw material production enterprises are in the scope of environmental protection thorough investigation,at present the normal supply is less than 50%.Due to the different formulation of each sheet, the supplier of raw materials is also different,leading to some extend the supply of raw materials, which is why the present situation of tight supply.

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