What is the difference of processing between quartz stone and ordinary artificia

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With the improvement of home decoration, architectural stone become more and more popular in the home improvement market. In emphasizing the green decoration today, artificial stone products quickly occupied the proportion in the interior decoration market. At present, China's artificial stone products include ordinary artificial stone, acrylic, quartz and engineered stone, etc., the most common is ordinary artificial stone and quartz stone.

Artificial stone and quartz stone are not only rich in surface color, but also has a natural stone texture and beautiful surface gloss; have environmental protection, non-toxic and no radiation, can be directly contact with food; and flame retardant, are a kind of fire material;

However, there is a difference of production process between quartz stone and other artificial stone, quartz stone adopt the die-casting method, ordinary artificial stone adopt pouring method, which is quartz stone manufacturers depart quartz stone from the artificial stone products. Because the production process is different, the processing of slab is also be different.

Artificial stone: is a kind of high polymer material made up of natural mineral powder, high performance resin and natural pigments by vacuum casting molding; ordinary artificial stone is soft, almost no design constraints, creativity, unlimited performance. Quartz stone is made of about 93% quartz crystal particles, plus pigment, resin, glue and antibacterial agent, and then in vacuum with high temperature, made under high pressure. Its high content of quartz crystal as the main structure, so that the texture is more hard, close, easy to do special shape,and low plasticity.

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