Quartz technology is improving daily, Made in China is passing to the "wisdom ma

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Quartz stone is mainly used in home improvement,such as cabinets countertops, windowsills,hand-washing walls, and ground decoration.

From quartz stone entering the decorative stone market, so far, there are thousands of quartz stone manufacturers since the late nineties of the last century。There are hundreds of quartz stone manufacturers from the cottage early to developed the production of imitation。And became a major exporter of quartz stone products,reflects the charm of Made in China once again。

 Quartz was originally developed by the Italian company Peregrine,so far there are 16 using Pericom equipment for production of quartz stone manufacturers around the world。In 2010, Pericom company announced a ban on the export of our production facilities, our country carried out a technical blockade。So, until now our country has only a Perrin equipment production line.

According to this situation, China's quartz stone road can only rely on their own to explore and develop,after nearly 10 years of unremitting efforts, China's quartz stone equipment independent research and development capabilities and production capacity has reached the international advanced level,now, we have fully grasp the core technology of quartz stone production。Although there are some differences in the field of automated production with the equipment, but I believe that in the near future, China will have its own core technology of automatic quartz stone production equipment.

Now quartz stone production and export volume of China has ranked first in the world, the latter of quartz stone will be diversified development, the production of various categories to suit different areas of decorative materials.

Production process, the molding production will be the main direction of the future production of quartz stoneMolding produced using a molding process, the front and rear table can be directly pushed out stopper water, up to 99% material utilization, no subsequent sanding, and other surface finishing mill processes, does not produce any waste gas, water and dust. By then, the table production, installation efficiency will be greatly improved, mechanical properties will be more stable.

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