Chinese quartz stone manufacturers "crowded" to capture domestic market share

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In recent years, with the further mature of market, demands for quartz stone in domestic are constantly increasing, a lot of landmark buildings, villas mansion, large hotels, quartz stone can be seen everywhere, and very eye-catching ability,customers who use quartz stone are constantly changing,from the traditional wholesalers to real estate development company, to the building decoration company, more and more people joining the trend of consumption of quartz stone.

At this stage,although quartz stone industry structure mainly based on export trading, more and more domestic quartz stone manufacturers have quietly changed the export modes,they invested heavily in "large-scale, professional,automated production "pattern of development,meanwhile establish brands, intended to layout the domestic agents channels, and even directly targeting the terminal market.

At present,world famous cabinets brand new products, most of the brand cabinets selected quartz stone instead of natural stone and other traditional artificial stone, which means that quartz stone applications was broaden, and indicates its broad prospects. At the same time, in the production process, the stamping die production will become the main production methods, this a molding process, material utilization rate of up to 99%, is conducive to enterprise control production.

With the increasing number of domestic quartz stone companies and the international quartz stone conmaines gradually access, made domestic quartz stone industry competition is more intense, but for chinese enterprises,it is an opportunity,is also challenges. In the face of homogeneous competition, enterprises need to assess the situation, turn pressure as the driving force, according to differentiate, characteristics and brand to capture market,this is a long-term development mechanism.

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