What is the difference between quartz engineered stone and quartz stone?

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In home decorative materials, artificial engineered stone and artificial quartz stone have very similar appearance, people who are not familiar with artificial stone, always confused with engineered stone and quartz stone. At present, artificial stone market appeared a kind of stone slab called quartz engineered stone, some dealer introduced that quartz engineered stone is a new generation of quartz stone products, whether is it like the dealer said? What is the relationship between quartz engineered stone and quartz stone?

Quartz stone is a kind of common cabinet countertop material in home decoration, is made up more than 93% of the quartz crystal (silica content is 99.9%) with unsaturated epoxy resin and other trace elements, is a new type of stone, also known as synthetic stone. It is a large size of slab in a certain physical and chemical conditions through a special machine pressed, its main material is quartz.

Engineered stone is also known as artificial stone, synthetic stone, recycled stone, engineering stone. Natural marble scrap and stone powder as the main raw material, added mosaic, shells, glass and other materials as embellishment, organic resin as cement, through vacuum mixing, high pressure vibrate made to square stock, and by room temperature curing, sawing, grinding, polishing and other processes made of slabs. Some manufacturers in order to attracting attention, will add a certain percentage of quartz crystal as a filler, known as quartz engineered stone, diamond stone, crack-resistance stone and so on. It is main material is natural gravel and stone powder, it will damage to people if to be used indoor!

What is the difference between engineered stone and quartz stone? Quartz stone can be reused, because quartz stone's internal material is evenly distributed, so both the front and the back are consistent, that is to say that surface has been severely damaged after the collision, the front or back can achieve the same effect as the original after polished, thus greatly reducing the maintenance fee and costs. Engineered stone cannot be reused, because its front side effect is specially produced, once the damage can no longer be used. Simply said that quartz stone is not easy to break, and engineered stone is easy to break.

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