Choose low price quartz,carefully consume “trap”

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    As the quartz stone that accords with the green and environmental protection of the country, it has the advantage of both beauty and texture of the stone, and it is also beyond comparison with other stone materials. Most importantly quartz is not good look but of no use,on the contrary,quartz is long life, it is not easy to color fade and deformation, don't be too much to worry about in terms of daily maintenance,even maintenance after used for many years already, its color is bright. The key is that quartz plate can be used repeatedly, after the second times it is polishing, new.

In the process of decoration, although it is necessary to control the cost of decoration, it is necessary to remember that the rules of the market game are You get what you pay off , which is invariable. now many suppliers’s quotation have wide gap in the market,some quartz quote more than RMB 200/m2,and some quote more than thousand yuan.behand wide gap,we must clare reality nd recognize essence,in general EXW price is RMB 400-500 / P 2440×750×15mmsingle colour,if it low this price,you must be careful,it is possible to get trapped.imported quartz is within RMB 2000.In the past few years, with the continuous maturity of domestic quartz stone manufacturers,In fact, the quality of domestic and import is very similar.Even domestic technology has exceeded foreign technology. Choose domestic famous brand when buying!

The real quartzite is made from natural quartz, and its processing technology has artificial traces, but to make it more beautiful and perfect.  the price of the quartz is relatively high, but it is not like a natural stone can emit radiation, on the contrary it is resistant high temperature, non-toxic, no radiation, a kind of environmental protection of high-grade stone, it is beneficial to the health of human body, no harm.

But when buying in the market, it is important to note that some fake quartzite is also called quartz stone, but this is a problem in production. Generally selected are inferior quartz sand. It contains a metallic stone that looks like a natural stone, but is very harmful to the human body.

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