How to clean the dust produced in the quartz stone countertop installation

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We are familiar with the quartz stone countertop,it is produced cabinet countertop with quartz stone solid surface,named quartz stone countertop.Common quartz stone countertops are cabinet countertops, laboratory countertops, windowsill and sinksWhy is the quartz stone favored by the counertop? Because of its features abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-penetration, non-toxic non-radiation and zero formaldehyde,  food-grade environmental certification.

Quartz stone will reach the hands of end-customers after products processing, it is only quartz solid surface from the quartz factory,not countertop. There are two types of processing: factory processing and site processing,Make us the biggest headache is the on-site processing,  the table openings require using a handheld cutter to complete according to customer requirements.It will be a lot of dust in this process, and it is great deal of trouble to clean up.

What hurts will the dust bring to us,skin, cornea, and other local mucosal lesions then stimulated to form folliculitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, trachea and bronchitis, atrophic rhinitis, direct harm to body parts in short time. How to clean? First,to make protective measures,as far as possible to cover all, such as hood, hanging cabinets and so on.Clean the dust You can water, then wipe them with wipes.

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