Except quartz stone, do you have a better choice?

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Since the birth of chinese first quartz stone , our quartz stone industry has sprung up in the rapid development, just over ten years, our quartz stone manufacturers are everywhere.Powerful, excellent quality of the big brand has become a popular well-known brands.In the market, the quartz stone is like a rising star, it is developping rapidly in an annual average of 50 billion yuan stone market.

Of course, all this is attributed to one reason: Quartz is not only a national recognized green decorative materials, but also the best choice for countertops.Deeper factors, quartz stone products have perfect performance and excellent quality, enough to let other surface material in the dust.

The main reasons are:

1.Quartz stone not only inherited the natural stone aesthetic pattern, but also has the better performance than natural stone, such as hardness,high temperature resistance,low water absorption, not bleeding,100% environmental.More controllable thickness and size, richer colors and patterns, but also make the quartz stone as an absolute substitute for natural stone.

2.Quartz stone is manufactured by vacuum die-casting technology,Automatic mixing of raw materials need to go through the system reasonable stirring, after deployment of the material composition, in large presses repeatedly gravity casting up to 800 tons, after forming semi automatic temperature drying oven was evacuated.The sheet is finished by semi-finished products in the bridge cut, polishing, quality inspection, Penma, film to form a quartz stone.

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