Shandong Kangjieli scagliola Co. Ltd. Shanghai Green Building Expo debut

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 China is in the rapid development of industrialization, urbanization and new rural construction period, to further promote the building energy efficiency, accelerate the development of green building ushered in a rare historical opportunity, green building simple, security has gradually become the main theme of the market. Shandong Kangjieli scagliola Co. Ltd. as the man-made stone, quartz stone manufacturer, has been in the production of green products as its mission, the practice of environmental protection for the purpose of philosophy. Kang Jieli as the only artificial stone enterprises to participate in the twenty-second China (Shanghai) home decoration expo.
China (Shanghai) Home Decoration Expo is located in Shanghai New International Expo Center, organized by the China interior decoration association. Exhibition area of 100000 square meters, booth number of more than 5000. This year's twenty-two exhibition to highlight the theme of green building materials, all participating enterprises are the domestic green building materials units. Kang Jieli booth in W4 hall C27 look forward to your visit.
Shandong Kang Jieli out R & D and production of quartz stone imitation of natural marble texture, vivid effect, high hardness, good toughness and easy to crack. Kang Jieli artificial stone adhering to people-oriented, quality of service concept, "professional, dedicated, only" in Gao Rui's architectural decorative stone, and professional service to meet the different needs of the individual, to change the profit to the enterprise before the operation mode to market to profit business model. Shandong Kangjieli scagliola Co. hall decoration materials were used Jieli Kang company R & D and production of green decorative artificial stone. The front desk, television wall using artificial stone and quartz stone, shaped seat part handicraft acrylic production, using quartz stone laying the ground.

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