Promote the honesty Morality -- on the deeds of Comrade Li Feng reports

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     In May 20th, the production of forklift truck driver Li Feng after work in the locker, found a large number of cash, bank cards, identity cards, mobile phone and other items on the locker, the locker room without other people, the comrades will be the first time the articles submitted to the Department of comprehensive wholly intact after the inventory, a total of 4329 yuan in cash, the Department of comprehensive timely contact the owner to return the item, the owner when Comrade Li Feng expressed gratitude.
It is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, is the embodiment of a man of noble moral sentiment. Comrade Li Feng creditthat, fully embodies the Kang Jieli staff moral sentiments and spirit, he showed us Kang Jieli people good personal qualities with their own practical action Shijinbumei, won a good reputation for the company.
Led by the company's decision to study, Li Feng 200 yuan reward.
The company called on all staff to learn from Comrade Li Feng, to strengthen the ideological and moral cultivation, continue to work together, pioneering and innovative, and jointly create Jieli Kang company good spirit of enterprise, with our high-quality, high culture, Gao Pinde Kang Jieli to create a better tomorrow.

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