In the construction of Shenzhen decoration company leaders to come to visit and

Number of visits:information sources:Shandong Kang Jieli New Materials Co., LtdRelease time:2018/1/18

The afternoon of January 17th, built in Shenzhen decoration limited company project manager Jiang Jian, materials manager Peng Ji to visit Shandong Kangjieli scagliola Co. Ltd. visit.

Chairman Fu Heshun, deputy general manager Li Tinghong, deep processing Department Kang Jieli company Huafeng and other accompanied reception, the company chairman Mr. Fu Heshun to visit the staff detailing the company's development, product positioning, development direction, market prospect, application of in-depth exchange of Kangjieli scagliola, quartz stone in the field of decoration, tooling in the past three years and show our participation in supporting with large domestic ambry business projects, as well as Kang Jieli company directly supporting real estate projects.
Jiang Zonghe Peng expressed appreciation for our company's achievements in recent years, the "Kang Jieli" trademark was awarded the State Administration for Industry and commerce as "A Well-Known Trademark in China" congratulations on Jieli Kang company in man-made stone, quartz stone in processing power engineering facilities, given the high degree of recognition. Then, our leader led the visitor to visit the exhibition hall, the production site and the R & D center.
In this investigation, Jiang Zonghe Peng general affirmed our company's strong strength, excellent product quality and warm and thoughtful service, and sincerely admired our company's advocacy of "green, environmental protection and energy saving". Through this investigation and exchange, the two sides conducted in-depth conversation on the project cooperation and reached strategic cooperation.

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