China's quartz stone industry has been accumulatin

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Quartz stone is no longer strange to us, it has become the leader of decorative stone! Now it has been applied to the whole field of decoration. Artificial stone and quartz stone have entered the Chinese market from the 1980s, from the initial import of finished products to the later joint venture and cooperation with foreign investors to independent research and development, and from follow-up learning to catch-up and lead, the pace of China's Quartz stone industry exploration has never stopped. Nowadays, China has become the largest producer and marketer of artificial stone and quartz stone in the world for several years.

The achievement of this achievement is closely related to the industrial policy of keeping pace with the times formulated and implemented by the state in different periods. Through policy guidance and independent innovation, China has become an active advocate and leader of artificial stone, acrylic, quartzite, granite and inorganic quartzite in the world.
Quartzite was born in Italy, and its production technology is proprietary to Italian Briggs Stratton company. It was originally called Briggs Stratton. It is a large-scale plate made of more than 93% quartz crystal, 7% resin and trace elements under high pressure in vacuum. The global quartz market has grown from tens of thousands of dollars a year in 1984 to 3 billion dollars a year now. This is a process of rapid development, which is becoming more and more rapid due to the activation of China's Quartz market. This also led to the blockade of China's technology and the prohibition of the export of production equipment.
With the unremitting efforts of China's Quartz enterprises, from the early imitation to independent research and development. At present, there are thousands of enterprises of artificial stone and quartz stone in our country, and it has become the largest country of production and marketing of artificial stone and quartz stone in the world, which has realized the real sense of curve surpassing.
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