Stone is kanje, charm is stone statue

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A pen, a piece of paper, a picture
Key moment
The pulse of the long pulse as if the bell
The introduction of the sky
Between the stars and the sea
You turned out
In the splendour of starlight
Crooning half a century of tenderness

The dictionary is over
Noble, elegant, luxurious

Oh! Who is your real pronoun
It is simply to Jieli Kang surname.
Dry day refers to
Eyes are unremitting self-improvement and
As for the name of No.
As if the precipitation of the Millennium dream
Through the mist
With the inherent glory

Shandong Kangjieli scagliola Co. Ltd., modern architectural design group, professional design team for two years of R & D premium pattern series quartz stone plan officially listed in May 1, 2016. In order to support the new and old cabinet shop has been the love of Kang Jieli, from May 1st to May 7th during the Kang will be free for the cabinet shop like. You only need to apply once and will be followed by us.
Activity requirement:
For all of the cabinets stores nationwide free, as long as the cabinet shop can apply to us, after verification is true, both Shandong Kangjieli scagliola Co. Ltd as your free sample.
We have only a small request of you to support our work, you only need to sample after the completion of the real picture archiving and we can return!
Application method:
Edit information: address, contact name (cabinet shop add name), contacts, photos and samples over the door cabinet table drawings. Send to Kang Jieli WeChat public platform kjlrzs. We receive information will be the first time for you to deal with.
WeChat public number: kjlrzs
Tel: 0537-3208670
National toll free number: 4006286606

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