Do you need a pad to install quartz stone countertops in ceramic tile cabinet?

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Having a neat and beautiful kitchen can make the mood of cooking more pleasurable, but it will worry about the high cost of the decoration, how to save money and practicality when the kitchen is decorated. How to choose the various cabinets in the market? The cupboard price can be compared, but the quality and life of the cabinet can not be guaranteed. Yes. Despite the after-sale service, the cabinet is not willing to buy expensive furniture. Therefore, many owners choose to use ceramic tile cabinet to save money and environmental protection. However, there is a problem that many people are entangled with the need to install the quartz stone table after the ceramic tile is clamped.

In the market, many did not do the mat, but some quartz stone manufacturers repeatedly stressed, do not make cushion, cracking after sale will not be responsible, so that a lot of owners for this matter. So many people want to know if they really need it. How much is the problem without the mat? If not, how much should the flatness error of cement table be controlled?
First of all to ensure the ground level, make a 10 - centimeter high ground with the tile and beat the dragon with the ceramic tile; the floor is paved with the first tile; the installation frame and the second tile after the micro adjustment; the first installation of the outer board; then the inside plate; the first inside plate; the second inside plate; the side plate and the back plate; the packing plate and the structural adhesive after the post. Two laminates, laminates using PVC edge, the edge of the slope structure is convenient to do health; according to the above procedures to do other space; see light surface installation of steel glass panel, a variety of colors for selection; layers of double-layer ceramic tile structure, increase firmness; the first installation of the first, second top plates, reinstallation table; kicking line A ceramic tile finish is designed to ensure the appearance. The skirting line is embedded in 4 centimeters, ensuring that the shoe tips are not easy to kick into the cabinet while the door is installed.
The above is the construction steps of the tile cabinet. It is worth noting that the horizontal height of each pillar is the same. The main material of quartzite is heated by 93% quartz sand and 7% resin in more than 100 tons of high pressure and more than two hours, and it itself can reach more than 7 moth hardness, and the bending strength is 58.6MPa (national standard 35MPa). The bending strength can reach the national standard of a qualified quartz stone plate. According to the installation standard of the table, it is necessary to install the backing plate, which can prolong the service life. So many believe that we can help you, remind you that the price of quartzite is relatively high, do not want to buy cheap quartz stone!

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