Is there any scratching in the process of quartzite? Is it fooled by merchants?

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The surface of the quartzite plate is uniform, natural and beautiful, and the main is the hard texture, and it has the characteristics of scratch resistance, acid alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and oil resistance. It can be described as "five toxic" non invasion!

Quartzite made of the cabinet table, the use of almost no special maintenance, it is also very convenient to take care of, which is also the reason for most consumers to choose quartz to make a table.
Quartzite belongs to artificial stone. Then why is it comparable to natural marble? This is derived from quartz crystals, which are mainly filled with quartz crystals and are produced by high pressure and high vibration in vacuum. The highest hardness of quartz stone plate can reach 7 grade of Mohs hardness after being completely cured, and is only inferior to diamond hardness in nature. Therefore, some knives and kitchenware used in life will not scratch them.
Can't quartzite really be scratched? In general, this is affirmative.
But. Some improper operations in our life may lead to scratches and cracks in the quartz stone table.
The following is a brief introduction to several cases.
For example, cutting, chopping and chopping directly on the table can cause cracks; the surface of the table directly contact hot oil pan, sand pot and other heat uneven cause cracks; or in the cleaning table and the post treatment of the irregular edge, the use of steel ball repeatedly friction and back cleaning; will make the table scratches.
If the quartz slab surface is easily scratched or warped easily in daily use, you may buy "false quartz" or inferior quartzite, which is not only poor in hardness, but also poor in corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and permeability. If you buy "false quartz stone" or inferior quartzite, it is suggested that you can change it quickly. This plate not only uses poor performance, but also the poor quality of the raw material will cause harm to the health of the human body.

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