The present application range and development direction of quartz stone

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At present, quartz stone boards are mainly used for cabinet counters, washing tables, bars, coffee tables, floors and indoor walls. It can completely replace natural stone, high-grade ceramics, wood and metal decoration materials. At the same time, the application of quartzite is constantly changing, and the share of the cabinet counter is larger, and the proportion of ground application is also increasing. Because the hardness of quartzite is very high, reaching 5-7 degrees mori, this brings difficulties to quartz quartzing technology. The overall consumption of cabinet is becoming more and more personalized, which requires a very high cabinet design, thus increasing the difficulty of processing and manufacturing. The high hardness of quartzite has higher requirements for the grinding and splicing of quartzite.

The base material of quartz stone table is made of broken glass and quartz sand. Quartz quartzite has the advantages of wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, and can be extensively paved on the wall to make various kitchen and toilet tables, which is durable. Quartzite is a new type of environment-friendly stone made of over 93% quartz crystal and resin and other auxiliaries.
Quartz quartzite is a completely new decorative material made of quartz crystal ore. It is a product of combination of natural beauty and technological application. This quartz crystal ore itself has a crystal clear, clear, beautiful color, expensive, high hardness, no deformation, no color change, no radioactivity, acid alkali and other natural characteristics, so the "jade" is called. It has been widely adopted and used by customers from countries and regions, such as Europe, America, Australia and the Middle East, and has been widely sold to European and American countries such as Italy, the United States, Spain, Turkey, grape teeth and other countries. The sale price of quartzite is acceptable to the general public.
High quality green and environment-friendly quartzite material, its color and lustre, good quality and low price, is the best choice for home and public place decoration. It is used for kitchen table, table, hand wash table, window table, bar table, interior wall, ground and so on. It is suitable for apartments, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, subway stations, airports, hospitals and books. A wide range of requirements in different fields, such as the museum.

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