Quartz stone "seize" ceramic market, what are the advantages?

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As the country's demands for energy conservation and environmental protection are more and more strict, the production threshold of ceramic tiles has been raised, which affects the production of ceramic tiles. Under this trend, artificial quartz plate will become the next hot building decoration material, and a cup of soup from the ceramic tile market is naturally in no case. With the support of the government to the environmental building materials industry, the performance and technology of quartz stone manufacturing equipment are becoming more and more perfect, the cost of production is further reduced, and the price of quartz stone is reduced. It has laid a very good foundation for the future market.

Quartz stone belongs to artificial stone. Compared with the production of ceramic tiles, it has obvious advantages in resource utilization and energy saving. With the constant stability of technology and product quality, the application of quartzite has gradually expanded from kitchen and bathroom decoration to floor, wall and other areas.
Where is the advantage of quartz stone compared to ceramics?
1, compared with ceramic tiles, quartzite has much simpler working procedures, no need to enter the kiln, no need to enter the spray tower, and the air pollution is reduced.
2, quartz sand is easy to find quartz sand, can be mixed with broken glass, agate ore and other leftover materials, make different colors of products, can effectively use recycled waste.
3, ceramic brick energy consumption, pollution is relatively serious, in the late treatment of pollution Kamiishi Eshi also saved a lot of money.
The artificial quartz stone uses quartz sand as the main raw material, after adding some ingredients to high vibration and high pressure, its color is very diverse, so that it can effectively avoid the excessive exploitation of natural stone, and can use some waste materials, the environmental significance is obvious.

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