How to distinguish between artificial quartzite and artificial granite

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Nowadays, the application of home decoration to artificial stone products is more and more extensive, but people have some misunderstanding about artificial stone, and even confuse them. Artificial stone is a short form of stone slab produced by artificial equipment. It can be divided into acrylic, composite acrylic, quartz stone, granite, terrazzo and so on. The most confusing between them is the quartzite and the granite. Because of the high price of quartz stone, there will be some merchants taking the granite in the market to pretend to be, so how to distinguish the granite and quartzite from the series of artificial stone?

Quartzite is known as "artificial quartzite". As the filler of quartz is 93%, it is called quartz stone. The quartz sand used for filling is purified and purified in the past. It does not contain any harmful materials and radiation sources. It is an indoor green decorative stone. The granite is also called synthetic stone, reconstituted stone and engineering stone, and its appearance is similar to artificial quartz stone. But the filling of the granite is natural marble crushed material, stone powder, that is, stone material is used again, is applied to interior and exterior engineering decoration, generally the price is cheaper than quartz stone.
Although quartzite and granite are all man-made stone plates, production processes and production facilities are different. The quartzite is formed by pressure casting and die casting, and then formed by adding temperature curing and polishing. The granite is made of organic resin as cementing agent. It is made by vacuum stirring and high pressure concussion. Then the sheet is made by room temperature curing, sawing, grinding, polishing and so on. From the view of density, quartz is more dense than other stones, so the same size samples are generally lighter than quartz. From the transverse section, quartz particles distribute uniformly and are consistent inside and outside. Finally, the hardness of the quartz is second only to the diamond, its hardness is up to 7 moth hardness, so the general steel products are not scratched on quartz stone. Xiaobian proposal: family decoration stone is not cheap, a price of goods is an ancient law.

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