4 misuses of quartzite, to avoid the preservation of the past.

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Quartz stone table, like a solid stone, other stones can not be compared. As a new green and pollution-free decorative stone, quartzite has been more and more used in the decoration industry, and it has the trend of replacing natural stone, artificial stone and tile. A place with high environmental protection requirements for building materials, artificial quartz is the first choice stone, the price of quartz stone is slightly higher than other stone, which can not prevent the application and development of quartz stone, but the scope of application is more extensive. But quartz stone has many misconceptions in daily life.

1. Put high temperature items on or on the surface for a long time
Hot pot, hot pot or other overheated appliances that can be removed directly from hearth or oven or microwave oven may cause damage to quartzite. Please use a pan with rubber feet or a thermal pad on the table.
2. Use the table directly as a cutting plate
Please cut the chopping board when cutting vegetables. Although the quartzite is firm and durable, it will leave scratches on the surface of stones for a long time.
3, after use is not cleaned in time, think that water will not affect the surface.
Because the water contains a large amount of bleach and scale. After long residence time, it will change the color of the table and affect the appearance.
4, think quartz quartzite is high density, acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance and random use.
Quartzite has a durable ability to resist injury, but it still needs to avoid contact with strong chemicals, such as paint remover, metal cleaner and stove cleaner. Do not contact methylene chloride, acetone (nail polish removing agent), strong acid cleaning agent. If contact with the above items is not careful, rinse the surface of quartz stone with plenty of soap. If you have nail polish, use a acetone free detergent (such as tin and alcohol) and rinse with water. Do not expose the heavy or sharp objects directly to the surface: do not rinse with cold water and immediately scald with boiling water.

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