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Now quartzite has become a more popular decorative stone in the home market, but because the quartz stone itself has a hard texture, grinding the plate surface will cause the stone to lose gloss, and the splicing will be different from the plate surface. If the table surface processing, installation master technology is not meticulous, it will also lead to the obvious stitching, affecting the overall beauty. Is there really no way to see it completely? Why can ordinary man-made stones be?

Because the hardness of quartz itself is too high, the speed of water sawing will cause quartz grains to collapse, so the opening of the quartzite will be rough. Seamless stitching is more difficult. Even though quartz stones can be made, they can not be treated after polishing or polishing. Artificial stone is softer than quartz stone, and it will not fade after polishing. Is there a seaming machine that can be done in the market?
Let's take a look at the focus of the quartzite splicing
1, before joining the quartzite, check whether the stitching surface is consistent and smooth. If there is an uneven phenomenon or quality problem, it will affect the stitching effect. In order to avoid the failure of the connection, the simplest way is to put two pieces of stone on a plane and fix it with a clamp or suction holder, and use a grinding machine (or a seamless splicing machine) to make a grinding to fully match the spelling interface.
2, in order to ensure that there is no gap in the junction, it is generally necessary to use sand paper to grind the interface before splicing, cleaning and wiping the connector, and finally reconfirms that the position of the joint is completely smooth and can be stitching.
In fact, whether the quartzite can be spliced seamlessly depends mainly on the technology of processing master. All tools are only supportive. However, seamless stitching, splicing and polishing are very detailed. Color and pattern boards should also consider the consistency and evenness of patterns.

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