Kang Jie Li 2018 national excellent distributor Summit

Number of visits:information sources:Shandong Kang Jieli New Materials Co., LtdRelease time:2018/2/24

In February 23, 2018 the 8th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, in China a happy day, Kang Jieli people played the assembly A fighting spirit soars aloft., started a new year! At the same time, the country Jieli Kang outstanding agents from from all sides gathered in the company headquarters, to discuss the 2018 development plans.

At 13:00 in the afternoon, from all over the country's outstanding dealers in the chairman of Mr. Fu Heshun Kang Jieli under the leadership of the company, visited the production workshop and Jieli Kang Kang Jieli product development center. In accordance with the early pay chairman proposed luckmate instructions, Kang Jieli this year make snap transformation, production equipment updates according to the plan, the new automatic production line will be put into operation in the second half of the year, then, Kang Jieli quartz stone production capacity will be doubled to achieve promotion, customer marketing, international trade and sales of three carriages go hand in hand.
At 14:00 in the afternoon, Kang Jieli national agents summit held as scheduled, the leaders on the current development situation of domestic and foreign markets quartz brainstorming in view of the current market situation of new business strategy research. Chairman Fu Heshun called on the operation center adhere to the high end and popular products in parallel, precision quartz stone market.
The success of the conference was held, both share and affirmed the Kang Jieli sixteen contained Chunhua Qiushi, inspired all Kang Jieli and partners together, entrepreneurial passion, motivation of all Jieli Kang people rely on unity, hard work, enterprising, Kang Jieli career development meeting
New dream, new leap, win the future! Honesty and sincerity do "stone"; friendly hand in hand, create brilliant! Kang Jieli's development cannot do without your sincere cooperation and support, we deeply thank you friends and Kang Jieli we believe business stand together through storm and stress, is long, wealth is infinite, the friend is forever, tomorrow will be better!

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