Do you want to make a front block for processing quartz stone countertops?

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The kitchen is a place to get energy in our daily life. It has been regarded as a special space for storing raw food and preparing daily food. In recent years, people have given some new functions to the kitchen to make it a room for dining and family activities. More and more attention has been paid to the decoration, selection and design of kitchens. We will take the quartz stone on the cabinet counter, and whether we need to do the front water blocking in the design process.

First of all, we need to know what is the function of water blocking. Quartz stone countertops include front water, back water and table. It is also common for us to rely on the wall as backwater, while the outside side is called the front block water, but it appears that many people do not choose to block the water before. The design of the water retaining strip is mainly aimed at preventing water splashing out of the flume, or preventing the water accumulated on the kitchen table from flowing into the wooden cabinet below, causing moldy.
Why does a lot of people don't like to stop the water now? First, the upper edge of the cabinet door will have a water stop, two is that a lot of people think that the straight edge, the arc edge and the edge of the edge of Rome edge more beautiful, three is to do the front water is relatively expensive and time; four is the quartz stone before the water side does not look good, and the use process will have a black glue line, not good and easy to hide dirt . To be sure, the advantages of the front water are greater than the disadvantages. It is better to make an arc and make it easier to clean. With the continuous maturity of quartz stone mesa processing technology, splicing can achieve seamless integration like other artificial stone products.

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