The planted risks and precautions of quartz stone processing

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In daily life, the most exposed and most frequently used plate in the family is the table in the kitchen. The choice of buying and making the table is more critical. Quartz plate is the first choice for the table of the cabinet, with the high hardness of quartz sand and high frequency suppression in the vacuum condition. Artificial quartz stone countertops which may exist hidden trouble in the making? How to avoid processing?

Making and other material table, several elements of quartz stone countertops, but also by water retaining, hanging along the basin, hole, hole, gas stove pipe holes etc.. The biggest problem may exist in the process is expected to open in the collapse edge, edge collapse is one of the causes of surface cracking. No plate had been hit caused late cracking in handling, avoid opening scene. How to make it?
First look at the cutting, stitching and opening production notes. Is expected to open before the ratio of the two plates used whether there is color, so as not to influence the appearance of the table after installation. Mosaic is very important, especially to achieve seamless splicing. Try to avoid the use of marble glue, seamlines resin is recommended, and the plate (need quartz stone factory modulation or specified by the manufacturer)
After the opening of the hole, a lot of people will choose to open the hole in the factory after the table face processing. It is worth noting that opening holes should be chosen, and the right angle opening may have a great effect on the late stage cracking of the table. It is necessary to use water mill on both sides of the stitching seam, as far as possible to be consistent with the luminosity of the plate surface; grinding is not meticulous, the dust accumulation in the grinding place may cause dirty dirty hair for a long time, and it is difficult to clean up; it affects the beauty of the mesa.

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