Step method of quartzite edge processing

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In the field of decoration and decoration, quartz stone is favored by more and more designers, and the application field is more extensive. It has been from the initial cabinet table to the present ground, wall and even decoration. Before we said that quartz stone is a man-made stone product, but there is a great difference between the hardness and the toughness of the quartz stone and the ordinary artificial stone, so the processing method is very different from that of the ordinary artificial stone.

The processing of quartzite can be said to be a test of every stone processing man's skill. If he is not careful in processing, he may have irreparable errors. In fact, the processing requirements of quartz stone are basically the same as natural stone processing, which is made of natural stone and granite. The operators of quartzite processing should have the best experience of processing natural stones, and operators with no experience in processing natural stones have to be trained in principle.
For the quartzite complex art modeling and processing, processing master technology is important, but we have entered the age of science and technology, many complex processes we can use precision instruments, equipment to complete.
However, we believe that the operation is also essential, for those without any processing experience, only equipment can not be completed. We would like to describe the details of the low arc and front Rome side of the common cupboard table. First, we correspond to the height of the back water and the thickness of the front Rome edge on the drawing, and make the material according to the required size. Then the barrier paste to a certain height, the sticker is the most important step, but also the highest technical requirements for the master, which is related to the grinding out of the glue line. The last step is grinding. We can use numerical control equipment to choose the desired grinding head for water milling. After quartzite grinding, it will become pale and pale. It is impossible to restore the original luster. Will the edge of Rome lose its color? Please pay attention to the next issue.

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