What is the difference between a quartzite and a quartzite

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It is believed that quartzite is no stranger to us. It will remind us of our daily cupboard counter and the window sill at home for the first time. That is to say, a decorative stone plate used in our family decoration is called quartz stone. Even some people can't distinguish it from natural stone or artificial stone, only knowing that it is ornamental stone. What is the difference between real quartz stone and quartz stone plate?

What is real quartzite!
Quartz is a mineral that is easy to turn into liquid when heated or compressed. It is also a very common rock forming mineral, which is found in three main types of rocks. Because it crystallizes in the igneous rock at the latest, it is usually short of complete crystal planes, and most of them are filled with other pre crystallized rock forming minerals. The composition of quartz is the simplest two silica, that is silicon dioxide. Quartz is very stable, and it is not easy to weathering or change into minerals. According to the degree of crystallization of SiO2, it can be divided into crystalline quartz, polycrystalline quartzite jade.
How does the quartzite form?
During the process of intrusion and evolution, the SiO2 - rich hydrothermal fluid was separated from the temperature and pressure conditions. The bedding and fracture penetrated into the metamorphic rock system of the surrounding rock, or along the contact fracture zone of the pre - stage magmatic rocks to form a vein quartzite orebody.
Does that quartz stone be called "quartzite"?
In fact, the name of quartz plate is called brittle polymer composite material, which belongs to artificial stone. It is made of more than 90% quartz sand and 7% resin and other binder through high vacuum high pressure. Because the main filler in the board is quartz sand, the content is more than 90%, so quartz stone is called quartz stone.

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