Matters needing attention in processing quartzite

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Quartz stone is the highest in all decorative stones, quartz stone manufacturers in the production of plate in order to make the appearance more rich, will join the size of different sizes of particles to carry out. Quartzite itself because of the hardness is not easy to process, adding quartz particles for processing is a certain difficulty, processing is the first step is also a very important step, we will look at the following matters to pay attention to.

The first is to select material to see whether there are defects on the surface of the plate (color difference, particle uneven, collapse, spot or patch, scratch or water grinding), and calculate whether or not it can be avoided during the opening process. And how to open the material, so that it can meet the size of the drawings and save materials.
Then the sawing platform is prepared. In order to prevent the rust on the bottom of the open plate, the effect of the quartzite mesa is affected. To avoid the direct contact between the plate and the sawing table, the visible surface of the sawing table should be paving the quartz slab. Diamond saw blades are used for quartzite plates, and the main equipment for cutting is the trimming machine. When the diamond saw blade is installed, the rotation direction of the saw blade is consistent with the rotation direction of the machine (the direction of the saw blade is identified in the direction of the saw blade). Before opening the material, check whether the diamond saw blade is loose after installation. If it is loose, use the necessary spanner to tighten it.
Finally, it is to open the material, gently place the quartz stone plate on the work surface, adjust the board to the right place, and leave the material of the panel one by one. Then adjust the backing plate, then open the skirt plate, water retaining edge and other auxiliary lath. The basic principle of material opening: from a large to a small order. The edge of the water can be processed according to the standard parts. The water retaining edge of each color can be directly opened to the edge grinding process according to the quantity of use. After grinding, the water edge is sent to the water grinding process for water mill, and then placed in the matching area for backup.

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