Kang Jieli meets with you in the Eighteenth International Stone Exhibition of Xi

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In March, stone new year first exhibition - the eighteenth Chinese Xiamen International Stone Fair in Xiamen International Exhibition Center on March 6, 2018! In the global economic situation and the complex background of the market and user needs a comprehensive upgrade, quartz stone industry is facing new challenges and opportunities. Xiamen international exhibition provides a good platform for cooperation and exchange for Kangjieli scagliola.

The exhibition, exhibition booth is located in Jieli Kang B1-034, my company in the main display of the quartz stone series: quartz stone slab, including premium series, series of sweet home and home series of products, products to meet the needs of high profile market, to show the charm of artificial stone for the end consumer!.
Kang Jieli's delicate plate is like a string playing by a violin player, as if a stone can sing, and its colorful products make many customers at home and abroad stop enjoying it, which has aroused interest of customers. The exhibition platform of Kang Jieli's atmosphere was particularly impressive at the exhibition, leaving a deep impression on the clients who came to the exhibition.
The charm of Xiamen, beautiful Kang Jieli thank all from afar to new and old customers and friends, because of your support, Kang Jieli will have the opportunity to grow and develop; it is because you have the urge, Kang Jieli will keep improving, further!

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