A series of pots for quartz stone processing

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In the quartzite processing, loading basin belongs to the last process, but it is also particularly important, we should check before loading the basin, the basin hole is not wrong, there is no reverse front and back; the plates on both sides of the joint are not color difference, the contact print is not obvious (600mm far visual inspection); after the water mill, no sand marks, leveling, Kanzawa; the edge of the skirt is smooth without scraping hands. There is no avalanche and so on; the next size of pencil printing, handwriting and so on.

The counter side is upwards, and the basin is buckled to the bottom basin hole at the table surface to check whether the basin mouth and the table are in agreement. Then the bottom basin hole of the table surface is worn with dry grinder to match the table surface. If the star basin is not qualified, such as the warp of the basin, the basin deformation, the scratch and so on, then the same type of the star basin is replaced until the qualified. Adjust the position of the basin so that the width of the basin hole is evenly distributed around the basin. Then use 502 glue to stick the small squares on the three sides to locate the basin, and then remove the basin. Use 120# sand paper to smooth the contact surface around the mouth of the basin. Use 800#-1200# sand paper sand grinding the wide edge of the stainless steel (not to the surface of the basin), sand to remove the surface of the impurities, use water to wipe the edge, remove the oil from the surface of the basin, to dry. Glass glue is evenly coated around the edge of the stainless steel edge (glass glue is surrounded by a coherent circle around the mouth of the basin); the basin is placed in accordance with the fixed basin position, and a small lumber plate and a G type clamp are pressed and fixed. In the periphery of the periphery with the glue whole seal (adhesive glue for the artificial rock glue and powder blend), and then use 25mm wide flush basin reinforcement plate pressed to hold the edge of the basin fixed, reinforcement board to four, with a long side cover of the principle of a circle, with a G clamp fasten. After 30 minutes, you can enter the next process. After bonding the glue solidifying agent, remove the clamp, remove the bonding part and make the linen.
The self inspection contents include: whether the model of the star basin is wrong, the direction of the star basin is opposite or not; the edge of the star basin showing the basin hole is uniform; the edge of the star basin and the table are completely anastomosed; the slight avalanche of the lower edge of the basin is completely covered; the basin reinforcement bar is neat and beautiful.

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