Can the quartzite in the future decoration field really

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With the increasing control of environmental protection in China, energy conservation and emission reduction has become the main task of our government in promoting economic development. With the increase of environmental awareness of consumers, the contribution of quartz stone panels to energy saving and emission reduction of future buildings can be judged. In the near future, artificial stone products will replace ceramic products to become the main consumables of building decoration industry.

From the production of artificial quartz stone, compared with ceramic tile in energy saving and early investment, it has a greater advantage. Compared with the ceramic tiles, the procedure is much more simple, without the kiln burning without into the spray tower, and so on, a large amount of carbon dioxide and discharge of sewage can not be generated in the production process, raw materials and quartz sand is easy to buy, but also in the incorporation of broken glass and other raw material waste, make different colors of the products to achieve effective recovery of waste utilization. Therefore, compared with ceramic tile with high energy consumption and relatively serious pollution, it has some advantages.
Quartz has abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, anti scratch characteristic, permeability and other prominent, with no radiation with green environmental protection building materials standards, with quartz stone factory production technology and production capacity continues to improve, the continual emergence of new products, the production capacity of China's quartz stone and technology has reached the leading level of the world. The application field also develops from the home kitchen table to the floor tiles, the wall, the back plate, the guard and so on.
However, the increasingly stringent requirements for energy saving and environmental protection in the country will make ceramic tile production threshold more and more high, and all kinds of restrictions on ceramic tile production will become increasingly severe. In this trend, artificial quartz stone plate will become the best alternative to ceramic products.

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