The effect of adding calcium powder on the quality of the plate in the productio

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We should be familiar with quartz stone plate. Quartz stone has become the first choice of green environmental protection building decoration stone. It belongs to artificial stone material, because the quartz sand containing up to 93% of the plate is called quartz stone by quartz stone manufacturer. However, at present, the quartzite market is chaotic in China, and the price of quartzite is also uneven. Even some bad businesses have used calcium powder instead of quartz sand to improve their interests. Now some people should ask about the difference between the calcium powder and the non calcium powder in the plate.

Everyone is in contact with what is known, quartz stone to wear, scratch, high temperature resistance, anti permeability and so on many advantages to quickly occupy the decorative stone market. But once the calcium powder is added in the quartz stone plate, it will have a great influence on the quality of the plate. The first is the effect of plate hardness, quartz stone plate hardness Mohs hardness of 6 or more, for the six grade sheet can easily be scratched; and corrosion resistance is reduced; there is high temperature resistant performance, if the plate is easy to make contact with the object of high temperature cracking of plate.
How to identify the calcium powder in the quartz plate? In fact, the identification method is very simple, everyone knows that calcium and acid contact with the chemical reaction. But the use of oxalic acid or home clean toilet spirit, vinegar can be used, drop on the surface of the plate if bubbles show that the plate contains calcium powder. Before buying, many businesses will give us the experiment, but also after the purchase inspection, check the back plate for printing manufacturers warranty certificate, acid and alkali resistant experiment, avoid bad business in the process of substitution.

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