The selection of the decoration stone should be vigilant, avoiding the indoor ra

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Experienced decoration know that the house should be dry for a period of time in the decoration, decoration materials pollution, formaldehyde is more familiar, because it will have a sharp taste, but the most terrible is the house there may be some of you do not feel the "dangerous", that is the radiation.

Because of the improvement of living standard, natural decoration grade has also been improved, and stone is used as the main decoration material. Because the stone is noble and elegant, bright and glittering and translucent, hard and permanent and so on, different stones have different beauty. However, the harm of radioactivity in natural stone can not be ignored. The radiation from the body mainly comes from the decay of radioactive radiation in the air, and a radioactive substance radon and its daughters are formed. Radon is the only natural radioactive gas in nature. Radon will soon decay into the nuclide that the human body can absorb when it acts on the human body. It will enter the human respiratory system and cause radiation damage and induce lung cancer. In our country, about 50000 people have died of lung cancer caused by radon and its progeny every year. In addition, the in vitro radiation radiator mainly refers to the direct irradiation of natural stone in the human body to produce a biological effect, will cause damage on the human body's hematopoietic organs, nervous system, reproductive system and digestive system. Do all the stones have radiation?
Radioactive stone refers to the natural stone, the radiative size is related to the formation of the environment. The real stone without radiation and zero formaldehyde is the product of artificial stone. In order to natural stone, quartz stone factory developed quartz stone, quartz stone is a popular product Jiezhuang market, it uses the natural silica quartz minerals that will be after the extraction of the processing and the other surface of high density is not easy to breed bacteria so quartz stone is non-toxic and non radiation materials. It is a kind of indoor decoration stone which can be reused for environmental protection and green new building.

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