Choose the whole cabinet or do it yourself, how to calculate the price

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The cupboard is the soul of the kitchen. It is very important to choose a cabinet suitable for your own home. Not only makes the cabinet more durable, but also makes the cooking life more convenient. When buying the table, quartz stone is favored, and the hardness and durability of the cabinet are highly required. The table tops are usually made of natural stone, artificial stone, acrylic, quartz stone and stainless steel, each material represents the different character of the host.

The synthetic quartz, the plate contains up to 93% of the quartz sand is quartz stone factory called quartz stone, quartz stone has a beautiful natural stone texture and texture hard, will be made of quartz stone countertops, kitchen will build into a strong yet beautiful castle. Quartz stone density is relatively large, high temperature resistant and scratch resistance performance is very prominent, good wear resistance, but the price of quartz stone is higher than other stone.
Do you see that a lot of people will ask the little editor not to say the whole cupboard price calculation? Don't mention it in a hurry. The price of the whole cabinet is different from the price of the general furniture. The price of the furniture is quoted by the number, such as one piece, one set and so on. But the whole cabinet is calculated by Yanmi Yanmi, refers to the width of 1 meters of space, 1 meter cabinets generally include the cabinet, cabinets and countertops. According to the "cabinet price surcharge" Yanmi unit X number + is calculated by Yanmi cabinets set "Yanmi quotations". Yanmi is a special terminology, and units of measurement. Can be understood as 1 meter = 1 meters. Including the operation table of Yanmi meters long and one meter long cabinet, although you see the price on the two parts, but usually manufacturers tell a Yanmi your price is under the.

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