Is the quartzite really poisonous?

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Quartzite has developed rapidly in our country for more than ten years, and it has become the first stone stone for high-grade decoration. Because the quartz stone is wear resistant, scratch resistant, high temperature resistance, anti permeability, non-toxic and many other advantages to enter the Chinese market, and quickly occupied the market with China's cabinet table, quartz stone factory production technology and continuously improve the ability, it has been applied in the field of architectural decoration.

As the application area of quartzite is expanding, market demand is also increasing, resulting in market confusion, quality is uneven, and even "fake quartz". Recently there are many rumors that the quartz stone is poisonous and has some harm to the health of the body. Is it true or not? Let's go on and look down.
First we have to know what the real quartz stone is. The quartzite is made up of 93% quartz sand and 7% resin, which is cured by high vibration and high vibration in vacuum. The content of quartz sand in quartz stone sheet should not be less than 90%, which is less than that of this value.
Look at the raw material, the quartz filler, belonging to the inorganic minerals, the main ingredient is silica SiO for, translucent or opaque crystal, usually white, hard texture.  Quartz is a mineral resource which is very stable in physical and chemical properties. The bonding material of unsaturated polyester resin is one of the most commonly used thermosetting resin, it is a linear polymer by dicarboxylic acid, unsaturated diacids and diols condensation, the resin solution with a certain viscosity, the crosslinking monomer or active solvent diluted form referred to as UP, a lot of bowls, plates, chopsticks, cups and other life now we use the supplies are used for resin production.
Therefore, the real quartz stone plate is not toxic, but there are some businesses for the benefit, in the plate production to add other raw materials. In the purchase of quartz stone plate, should be carefully selected, do not buy cheap and buy "poison plate".

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