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Among many decorative materials, stone has excellent decoration because of its rich surface color and natural harmonious texture. The use of stone as decorative materials in interior decoration can give people a sense of harmony, elegance, solemnity, nobility, luxury and other beauty. However, as people pay more attention to environmental protection and decoration, the green and environment-friendly quartzite with non-toxic and non radiation zero formaldehyde can be rapidly developed. Quartz stone is called synthetic stone and artificial stone. Because the composition of quartz in the plate is as high as 93%, quartz stone manufacturers call it "quartz stone". Many people will buy the stone in the purchase. Why does Gang stone really fake quartz? Below with the little editor to understand.

The quartzite is a synthetic stone die-casting plate with 93% quartz and 7% resin. The filler quartz sand does not contain harmful objects and radiation sources after removing impurities. It is called indoor green decoration stone, so the price of quartzite is much higher than that of other stones. Kong Shi is also called engineering stone. It is also a kind of artificial stone. Its appearance is very similar to artificial quartz stone. However, the filler of granite is natural crushed stone, that is, stone fragments are reused, used in outdoor engineering decoration, the price is cheaper.
How can the two kinds of stone be so similar? Although quartz and granite are all man-made stone die-casting plates, the pressure and production equipment of the press are different. The density of quartz is higher than that of other stones, so the same size is much lighter. From the side side, quartz quartzite is homogeneously distributed as artificial cloth particles. Finally look at their hardness, quartz hardness is second only to diamond hardness, its hardness as high as 7.5 Mohrenheit hardness, so the general iron is unable to scratch it. The most important thing is not to covet cheap, but one price per cent is the same law from ancient times.

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