uartz stone will become the main plank in future families

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China's building and decoration industry with a good momentum of development is a strong support for decorative materials, creating a huge space for the development of decorative materials. Because of the continuous improvement of people's quality of life and the degree of aesthetic appreciation, the selection of stone decoration has become a trend.

Since the beginning of the natural stone in high-end architectural decoration account for a large proportion, and consumers also have unlimited pursuit of high-end decorative effect. And as everyone knows, in the process of exploitation of natural stone, on the mountain, will cause damage to the environment, and natural stone is non renewable resources are not inexhaustible, at the same time, local governments have also strengthened the restrictions on mining, stone increasingly scarce, resulting in the production cost and increase the difficulty.
Therefore, artificial stone products are born relative to natural stones. The requirement for cleaner production in the state does not cause environmental pollution in the production of artificial stone and quartzite. High quality raw materials are selected from quartz quartzite, which ensures product's environmental health. Quartz stone is mass produced and renewable, which satisfies the supply quantity of all kinds of large-scale projects.
The physical properties of the quartzite are wear-resistant, scratch resistant, anti permeable, antifouling, and easy to take care of, which make up for the defects in the use and maintenance of natural stones. The most important thing is that the quartz color and texture are taken from nature and beyond nature. The overall decoration effect is comparable with natural stone, and is recognized by designers who are devoted to high-end site design.
In the past, limited by the level of economic development in China, the choice of architectural decoration materials was narrower, and the space for free play was limited. But to today, the building decoration material industry has been developing rapidly, people have more choice!

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