Making process of circular arc after quartzite on the table of cupboard

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The quartzite on the cabinet table is the most difficult to be processed, although it has become the first choice. Quartz quartzite is made of quartz sand and resin through vacuum high pressure and vibration. Although it belongs to artificial stone products, its hardness has exceeded natural stone. The highest level can reach 7 grade of Mohs hardness, second only to diamond hardness. Therefore, the processing technology requirements for finished products are very strict.

The composition of quartz stone countertops is also composed of front and back water and mesa. Most of them choose to paste directly. In the last issue, we also talked about the advantages and disadvantages of selecting the front and back water, and why we choose the rear arc. After the selection of the cabinet deck, the circular arc process will be charged separately, but many processing masters are reluctant to make it. The manufacture of round low arc is very troublesome and easy to make mistakes. How can the circular low arc be made? Let's look at it together.
Quartz stone making circular arc low is very difficult, once the failure is irreparable, circular arc low common problems, and the glue line was pale. Make the first round of low arc bonding a 3 cm stone material, the former should cut down; then the water retaining paste, using F or A clamp clamp fixation; to be completely fixed after the grinding head can be also artificial polish, but time-consuming manual polishing.

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