Seamless Jointing of quartzite is difficult. How can we reduce the apparent degr

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In many decorative stones, the quartz stone is not only colorful, but also wear-resistant, scraping, high temperature resistant, anti permeable and conforming to the national standard of green environmental decoration stone. Quartz stone is made of quartz stone crystals, resin and trace pigments by isomeric polymerization technology to make large specification plates under vacuum conditions. The quartz crystals are more than 90% of the quartz crystals as the main structure, making their texture more hard, tight, surface free and fine holes, with very strong pollution resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning.

Because quartz Shi Ke is born, and the texture and color can be adjusted, it can cater to the different needs of customers and create different aesthetic art products for you.
So with the development of the economy and the market further mature, now more ground, wall, furniture and other fields have begun to use quartz stone, such as various large hotels, luxury houses, landmark buildings, quartz stone is gradually becoming a substitute for natural stone.
But at present, there is still a great challenge for quartz stone processing, because the hardness of quartz stone is too high and the particles in it will collapse, so the edge and mouth are relatively rough when the material is open, and there will be crevice in natural splicing. Seamless stitching is more difficult. Even if the quartzite can do seamless stitching, but after polishing and polishing can not handle the same as the original, or there will be a stitching line, this is not related to the price of quartz stone, and not a high price can be done.
Although seamless stitching is difficult for us, we should try our best to reduce the visibility of the seam. The decoration position is straight line and the length does not exceed three meters, can consider using the large plate processing (large plate size can be done 3250mmx1650mm), but must take into account the trouble brought by the building. We should pay attention to the following points in the operation of stitching.
1, before splicing, it should be checked whether the splicing surface of the splicing plate is straight and consistent. If the splicing interface is not straight, the glue line will appear in the stitching, which affects the quality of the splicing and the seamless stitching. The simple way to ensure that the interface is anastomosed is to put two pieces of splicing on the same plane to make the two sides close as close as possible, fix it with F clip, and then fix it in the appropriate position with the positioning guide, and use the gongs machine at the same time to cut the spliced two sides, then get a smooth and uniform joint.
2. In order to make the front end of the spelling interface close and seamless, wipe with 120# sand paper under the 2mm-3mm of the front of the spelling interface, and then clean the stitching with alcohol or the water, and finally check whether the joint is smooth and smooth.
3. In the front stitching edges of the two plates which are spliced, the number of small blocks and the distance from the stitching edges are fixed by the instant bonding and fixed splicing, and the distance between the small blocks and the stitching edges should be determined according to the area of the splicing and the selection of the fastening tools.
4, put the prepared two plates on the same plane, and then stick the adhesive tape on the underside of the joint to prevent the glue dripping and the 3mm gap between the two plates, so as to ensure that the glue can be effectively controlled in the splicing and the glue interface glue is fully accommodated.
5, put the mixed glue evenly on the spelling interface, the glue amount accounts for more than 1/2 of the gap, and then fastens the spliced plate with the F clip or A clip as soon as possible, and carefully checks the surface of the splice when fastening. If it is not smooth, a rubber hammer should be used to hammer the high surface gently until the inspection is completely smooth.
6. During the curing time of the glue, all the fixtures should not be loosened or freely moved by the spliced plate. The platform can not stand or put other heavy objects on the table. Otherwise, the quality of the splicing will be seriously affected.

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