Also for quartz stone, why the price difference is so large?

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With the continuous growth of China's economy, people's aesthetic requirements for home decoration are also improving. Stone is popular in the home decoration market. For the selection of cabinet tops, quartzite ranks first. But it is believed that many of the friends who have crossed the price have such experience: there are many quartz stone brands, the prices of quartz stones of different brands are very different, the same one meter quartz stone, some prices are even as low as one hundred or two hundred yuan, and the high is a few thousand yuan and one rice. Why is quartz stone the same price?

At present, there are more quartz rocks on the market, and even the phenomenon of selling sheep's head and selling dog meat. Other artificial stones are used to replace or use other raw materials. While ensuring the production of raw materials, the most important part of the production of quartz stone is the vacuum die-casting (the size of the press pressure). Many small quartzite manufacturers do not have this condition. Users must polish their eyes when they are buying and buying. If the price is too low, if the price is too low, you may meet the false "quartz stone". The raw materials may be synthesized or used by natural lithotripsy and resin. The appearance is extremely similar, the hardness is poor, and the cracking and dyeing deformation are easy to appear.
The reason why the quartzite is non-toxic and non radiation is classified as green decoration stone by the state. The main reason is that quartz stone is produced by quartz crystal. Its silica content is as high as 99.9%, and does not contain any harmful impurities to the human body. Unsaturated polyester resin is the most common type of thermosetting resin. It is a linear polymer made of saturated dicarboxylic acid, unsaturated diacid and diol, which is diluted by crosslinking monomers or active solvents. It is called UP.
So the price and the quality are directly proportional to each enterprise needs to produce, no one will choose to lose money to yell, if the price of the price can not even return, if it is you, will you sell it?

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