The price of the quartzite mesa and what prices are included

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Quartz is not unfamiliar to people who have experienced decoration. Quartz stone is a new artificial stone product. The quartzite is made of 93% quartz sand and 7% unsaturated resin and other adhesives. It is cured by high pressure and high temperature heating and high temperature heating of the kiln. Because the production process is different from the ordinary artificial stone, the quartz stone manufacturer is called quartz stone.

Quartz stone belongs to die-casting artificial stone. Its hardness is up to 7 grade of Mohs hardness, and its water absorption rate is 0.02%. So quartzite has abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance and penetration resistance. The main material of quartz stone is quartz sand, and the production of quartz sand is washed by miscellaneous acid, and it is also selected before the production of plate, so the quartz stone is also non-toxic and zero radiation green environmental decoration stone. It is precisely because of these reasons that the price of quartzite is higher than that of other decorative stones. Quartzite is often used in the daily life, such as the cabinet deck, windowsill, test-bed to the application of film and television wall, the laying of the ground, the production of tea tables, etc.
The application field of quartzite is constantly changing. As the field of application is expanding, the occurrence of various problems is the occurrence of various problems, such as: mesa explosion, color infiltration, splicing split and blackening, wall surface deformation, drum up, warping edge and so on. Xiaobian believes that some users have already encountered the above problems. The key is how to deal with them after many problems. This is what you want to say today when you buy Quartz stone products, you have a year of warranty period, during the warranty period, crack, sew, coloring, etc. can apply for after sale (the problem of self operation is not in the warranty), the quality cause of the board or the reasons for processing and installation will be replaced free of charge. The brand quartz stone manufacturers do not contain all the manufacturers. So before buying should ask the warranty and warranty, and the warranty card.

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